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New York based comic and writer Clark Jones is our featured funny person in this, a very special Funny Human of the Week. You may recognize Clark, who was recently featured on Brooklyn Magazine’s list of the 50 Funniest People in Brooklyn, from his appearances on HBO’s Crashing or on Night Train with Wyatt Cenac on Starz. Our friend Clark’s new album, First of All, comes out this Friday, and we’ve got a look at an exclusive track from the album! What a damn treat. It’s called “Prince” and it features Clark talking about his deep, personal history with one of music’s greatest minds.

Though he’s now an integral part of the NYC comedy scene, Clark actually got his start in Chicago, coming up in various rooms in Chicago’s South Side. Let’s watch Clark perform on a local Chicago morning show during one of his visits back home!

Clark is one of the hosts of the long-running Brooklyn comedy showcase Comedy At The Knitting Factory. Here’s a clip from a set he did a few years back on that show!

Next up is a short featuring Clark performing on the streets of Manhattan as a part of the very goofy web series Comedians in Public, which challenges standups to perform out-of-place standup sets for unsuspecting audiences. Things get weird!

Clark’s on Twitter, just like the rest of us. You can enrich your Twitter feed by following him, here are some recent highlights from our new friend’s account:

To close us out, let’s watch Clark’s appearance on the aforementioned Starz series Night Train with Wyatt Cenac. It’s great! Be sure to check out First of All when it drops later on this week, you’re gonna love it.