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This week’s Funny Human is the hugely funny Clare O’Kane, host of the new Viceland TV show Flophouse and all-around fantastic standup comedian and writer. She lives in LA and is generally great. Here’s the first full ep of Flophouse, it’s a good show about dirtball comedians.


Here’s more standup from Clare, done last year on a very decked out back patio. So great. Love that period material!

We’re fans of the Spicy News corporation here at Funny Human of the Week. Here’s a special edition of Spicy News called Spicy Interviews, where Clare is joined in conversation by fellow comedian Josh Androsky. That’s a spicy popper!

Clare is not only a comedian, she is also an actor! Here’s her very compelling acting reel!

Find Clare on Twitter with the username @BabysFirstGun. If that username isn’t enough to convince you, here are some example Tweets!

Before we go, let’s take a look at a dirty haiku battle between Clare and comedian Mike McGee from a show in 2013! Who will win?? All of us! Watch Flophouse on the new Viceland Network! Bye!