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It’s time for another Funny Human of the Week! A weekly thing where we talk about a specific comedy individual whose jokes I like! Let’s meet Chris Stephens, a very funny Los Angeles-based comedian and writer who I met when he lived here in Chicago! Here’s a short clip from a set he did at a show I used to help run called Creative Control. I love this and miss that show.

Chris was one of the four very funny people featured in the IFC webseries Does Dave Know We’re Here? Here’s the first episode of the series, and features a great song from Chris. Watch this one and then watch all the other ones.

Speaking of songs and music, here’s a great remix Chris did of the hit song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People.

Chris’ Twitter feed is a constant source of joy in my life and he should have at least 10x as many followers as he does. Look at these Tweets and follow this man!

So dang good! Love those tweets!

Before Chris and the gang made Does Dave Know We’re Here?, they made Cowards, an independently-produced TV pilot that ended up winning the award for Best Comedy Pilot at the New York Television Festival in 2014! It’s very good and worth your 18 minutes!

Alright, it’s almost time to go, but before we say goodbye for this week, head over to Yelp and check out Chris’ excellent reviews of restaurants and coffee shops. He’s got some pretty thoughtful and incisive things to say! See you later!