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Yes, it’s that time again. Let’s meet a comedian whose jokes, they’re just premium. Chris Cubas is a very funny standup comic based in Austin, TX and is also the star of the new documentary produced by Fusion called Chris Gets Money, which looks insanely good and interesting. Let’s watch the trailer for that before we go any further.

As I mentioned before, Chris is a very funny standup comic, what better way to illustrate that than a clip of his comedy! Let’s watch.

Here’s a conversation with Chris at the Moontower Comedy Festival in 2015 so we can learn more about our new friend.

As he mentioned in that interview, Chris is a pro at comedy gameoff @Midnight. Here’s a clip from one of his appearances!

Are you not already following Chris on Twitter? Get it together, dude! Dang. Look at the quality of these Tweets.

Before we go, let’s watch a clip from Comedy Central’s Road To Roast Battle, featuring Chris squaring off against former funny human Kath Barbadoro.