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It’s day two of Funny Human of the Day week: District of Comedy Festival edition! Let’s get to know Catie Lazarus, another exciting performer who will be appearing at the District of Comedy Fest later this week at the Kennedy Center. Catie is a writer, storyteller, and the host of the wildly popular Employee of the Month show/live podcast based out of Joe’s Pub in New York. You can catch a special DoC edition of Employee of the Month on Saturday, July 21 as a part of the Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio! Let’s watch this helpful clip to get a feel for the show’s whole deal, OK?

Next up is a sketch from Employee of the Month, it’s about the psychological toll that the new normal has wrought on all of us! But also funny!

Let’s learn more about our new friend Catie, and what got her into podcasting to begin with, care of this clip from the BUILD interview Series! Deray is there too! Hi Deray!

Speaking of Deray, Twitter! It exists! Catie is on there and posts, you should follow her! Here are a few nice sample tweets for you to enjoy:

Let’s watch this quick clip from a recent installment of Employee of the Month, featuring a very relaxed Hannibal Buress. He got sober, which is great, but he did it for reasons other than the obvious ones!

One more dog-related sketch from Employee of the Month before we go, this one’s a commercial for a totally real, 100% not fake TV channel for dogs called The Real Chew. Watch it and then go see EOTM on Saturday!