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Sometimes you miss things, no matter how closely you think you’re paying attention. A detail gets overlooked or a friend goes uninvited. Sometimes you assume you’ve already written about Catherine Cohen for your weekly column about funny comedians but then you watch a clip of her on Seth Meyers and think “wait, has she not been a Funny Human of the Week?” And then you check and she hasn’t. Let’s get that fixed right now! Catherine Cohen!

She’s one of my favorite comedians going right now, and she’s probably yours too. Here’s one of her many great solo sketch character videos that have been all over Twitter for the last few years. This one’s the best:

Let’s check out another live clip, this one featuring some hot crowd work and a song called “Equinox” that’s just great.

Time to get to know Cat more personally via an interview with Now This!

You already follow Cat on Twitter, right? Of course you do. That’s why you’ve seen all these great posts already. Let’s revisit to reflect on how good they are!

One more song on the way out! Here’s “Plus One” which I love. Just great!