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And we’re back! Here’s another high quality comedian that you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2017 and beyond! His name is Casey James Salengo and it was recently announced that he’s one of the myriad excellent comedians who will be recording a Comedy Central Half Hour this year! Let’s watch this man onstage and see what he’s made of!! Here’s him on Wyatt Cenac’s weekly standup show Night Train:

Here’s a very funny sketch starring Casey called Boys Night In that takes a very funny concept to exciting, weirdo heights!!

Let’s check out Casey’s appearance on Diego Lopez’s fight themed internet chat show Rope A Dope, sharing a wild story of high school party scuffle.

Casey is a real funny presence on your Twitter feed, he’s got some good ass jokes! For example, here are six examples:

Look, we can all agree that inter-office small talk can be exhausting when you find yourself in a weird combo of people or whatever. Casey’s been there, but in way more excruciating circumstances than you could ever imagine!

As we all know, we like to close out each edition of the column with a song! That’s not actually true but let’s have it be true this time around! It’s Casey’s appearance on How’s it Go Again?, where he sings the entirety of “Royals” despite really not knowing most of any of the words. Nice job, Casey!!