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Hey folks, let’s talk about another comedian who I think you’ll like. This week we’re going to get to know the work of NYC-based comic Carmen Lagala, who made her late nite television debut on Colbert earlier this summer!

Here’s a fun clip of Carmen playing a game called Silent Trailers on the acclaimed New York podcast Keith and the Girl. I wonder if I’d be good at this?? Feels like a fun thing to play on a road trip.

Carmen helps run a real goofy, high concept stand up show in New York called Puppets Present, wherein standup comics interact with puppets following their set. Here’s the opening bit from a recent show, featuring Carmen and her cohost Kelsey Caine.

It’s well-established here at Funny Human of the Week that Twitter is a bad, bad site. But we keep going to it! What a world! If you’re like me and do the same thing, consider enriching your feed by adding Carmen to it! Here are some recent posts that will help convince you:

Before we part ways, let’s watch another clip of our friend Carmen doing standup. This was recorded last year live at Wyatt Cenac’s popular Night Train standup showcase in Brooklyn.