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Hey! Let’s do this! Let’s meet a comedy person who I think you’ll like! This week’s person is Carl Foreman, Jr., one of the writer/producer/stars of IFC’s Frank & Lamar, a very funny web series about a pair of middle school teachers in NYC. Let’s watch the first episode now!

Carl’s also the star of this very funny and well-made video about the challenges of live transcribing ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith’s wild commentary. Very funny stuff, here.

Remember Moonlight? That movie was so good. Here’s Carl in a re-imagined scene from that movie. This is goofy as hell.

Carl’s one of the main dudes in this funny commercial parody that roasts #1 sadboi Drake.

Alright, one more before we go for another week. Here’s Carl in a wild scenario, analyzing Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” video with way more sensitivity and perceptiveness than the title of the video leads on. Funny stuff, this one.