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By Matt Bryne

Hey, here’s another column about comedy people! I’ve mentioned this week’s funny human in columns past, and if you’ve been a person on the Internet over the last year or so, you’ve probably seen clips of her performing (and killing) on Conan and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, or read one of her myriad columns on AV Club, or checked out clips from her new standup album, Same Sex Symbol, out today on Kill Rock Stars. It’s Cameron Esposito!

Cameron was one of the first local standups I saw when I moved to Chicago four years ago, she was opening up for Maria Bamford and was already then a totally exciting presence. In the years since, she’s exploded with success, touring with Anthony Jeselnik, showing up on TV all the dang time (@Midnight, Adventure Time, various late night sets, etc!), not to mention hosting two podcasts with huge followings, Put Your Hands Together, which features live standup from all of your favorite alt comics, and Wham Bam Pow, which is all about action movies. There’s not enough space in this column to share clips from all of these very cool things, but let’s try to get a bunch in!

In a year that proved late night TV is still a means for artists to break through (Future Islands, I’m looking at/waiting on you), her late night television debut was similarly thrilling and unique. Her set on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson was weirdly and unexpectedly interrupted by Ferguson and his guest, America’s Jay Leno. Let’s watch!

Here’s a clip from her appearance on #Minight! Lotta good goofs all around.

It’s time to round up some tweets! Cameron’s someone you should be following on Twitter but you probably knew that already.




Okay, what else? We’ve got time for one more clip. Let’s watch something from her days in Chicago, this is probably my favorite story of hers, a tale of a skateboard hero with questionable intentions outside of a famous gay bar in Chicago.

That’s all for this week. Buy Same Sex Symbol now on iTunes or on CD, it’s good, I promise! ()