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Friends, we’re back for another Funny Human of the Week, which means it’s time to showcase the work of another hugely talented comedy person. This week, in honor of the return of Game of Thrones, I thought we’d talk about Bryan Safi. Why’s that? He’s a frequent guest the GoT recap show Gay of Thrones, hosted by BYT’s favorite human being, Jonathan Van Ness! Let’s watch the most recent ep. It’s so good, even if you aren’t a Throne-head!

Bryan is also the co-host of the long running podcast Throwing Shade, which riffs on topics effecting women, LGBTQ people, and other historically underrepresented minorities. It’s always a super funny and engaging listen, I recommend it!! They also hosted a (unjustly) short run of a TV version of the show back in 2017 on TV Land, let’s watch a clip from that!

Here’s a fun story Bryan told for the Comedy Central webseries Unsend, where he talks about a email bender he went on after seeing his then-boyfriend make a troubling change to his Facebook!

Next up, let’s watch this charming interview with Bryan done on Toronto’s Citytv! They’re having a blast over there.

Let’s get over to Twitter and run down some recent high quality posts from Bryan, alright?

Last and INCREDIBLY not least, here’s a video Bryan made with Mariah Carey for Funny or Die. They’re expert chefs and it really comes through in the video. I love it!