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This past weekend I was lucky enough to see a furious and ferocious performance from Bridget Everett in a room full of people who mostly didn’t know who Bridget Everett was. It was the late night show on a Saturday night and the crowd was a weird mix of Bermuda Shorts and New Balance wearing tourists, champagne sipping girls night outs, and drunk, sort of square thirtysomething locals. Bridget came out and burned the whole place down in a way only she can, with a visceral, thrilling set that blended music, storytelling, and audience assault.

An NYC-based performer who has been described by New York magazine as “noveau cabaret’s leading diva,” Bridget’s a wholly unique performer whose live show, featuring original songs like “Titties” and “Fuck Shit Up,” swallows the audience with overwhelmingly positive sexuality and empowered oversharing. She’s attracted fans and collaborators like Amy Schumer and the Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock, who plays in her live band each month at The Public Theater in New York.

I’ll stop telling you and start showing you now, here’s a clip of Bridget closing out an episode of Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central!

Now imagine seeing that live, in a room full of strangers who have no idea what they’re in for. Great, yeah?

Last year, Bridget and her band The Tender Moments released their first album, called Pound It. These studio versions of such live staples as “What I Gotta Do?” and the aforementioned “Titties” manage to hold up on their own, thanks to Adam Horvitz’s production and Bridget’s disarmingly pure voice. Let’s watch the official music video for the album version of “What I Gotta Do?” now.

It wouldn’t be a Funny Human of the Week column without some great Tweets, you know? Good thing Bridget’s got em!




Okay, let’s leave on a real high note. Here’s a clip from a few years ago featuring Bridget singing Rihanna’s “S and M,” where she crawls and climbs all over the room and makes ample use of a ball gag! Hell yeah.