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Alright friends, it’s time to celebrate the work of another cool/fun/nice comedy person whose stuff I think you’ll enjoy! This week we’re going to talk about Bridger Winegar, whose goofs both online and off will be a reliable source of joy for you. Bridger has written for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Jimmy Kimmel Live! and has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Late Show with David Leterman. What a CV! Here’s a great clip that introduces us to his very silly POV. It’s the first episode (of the six episode Season 1) of Folding a Map!

Here’s another sketch Bridger made with Corporate’s Matt Ingebretson (as the comedy filmmaking duo Karl Malone and John Stockton) entitled Kitchen Miracles. Lots of familiar faces in this one!

Bridger is a great way to make the hellsite Twitter more bearable. Give the guy a follow, huh? Look at how great these tweets are, then imagine them in your feed! Feels great, right?

I mentioned before that Bridger appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, here’s one of his most memorable instances! Good lord.

Here’s a nice clip of Bridger on the LA-based interview podcast Box Angeles talking about his time working as a production assistant on various jobs and the perspective it’s given him since then!

One more clip before we part ways. It’s called Saying Goodbye and it’s one more Karl Malone and John Stockton collab!

Feature image from Bridger Winegar’s Facebook page