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Hello! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Let’s meet another funny person who’s good at makin’ u laugh. This week’s person is Bridey Elliott, a writer/actor/director/comedian whose new short, Affectations you can and SHOULD watch below!

Remember a while ago when seemingly every late night talk show got a new host? During this period, Bridey put together an audition tape to host The Late Show, which must have not arrived in time before they hired Colbert or something? Anyways here’s a look at what could have been:

Here’s an installment of her web series Book Talk, featuring Steven Weber! What a chat!

Bridey, she tweets. Who doesn’t? Thing is, she’s actually good at it, unlike the majority of the dopes on that godforsaken platform. Here are some examples:

Speaking of Twitter, let’s take a look at this look “Behind the Handle” with this inaugural episode of TWITTER: Behind the Handle, care of the Running Late comedy show!

Last year, a web series called Roommates was released, which Bridey co-starred in and helped write. It’s good and you should watch all five eps. Startinggggggggg here!

Okay, before we go, let’s watch this trailer for this film Bridey starred in a few years ago, get excited about it, and then watch it when we get home later on today! You can stream/download it places, you know? Movie club!