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Friends! Welcome back! It’s time to talk about another comedian who’s got good jokes. This week we’re talking about Brian Park, a New York-based comic whose work you may recognize from Vice, CollegeHumor, Vulture, and many other places online! Brian’s the star of a new web series called Eating It which I really enjoyed. Let’s watch the first ep of that right now!

Brian’s not just an actor/writer, he’s also a standup! This is a short clip of him doing standup at UCB in New York. Heads up: it’s good!

Speaking of standup, this next clip gives us a glimpse into Brian’s pre-show rituals, as he gets “in the zone” before hitting the stage. I really like this one.

As we’ve mentioned before in this column, Twitter is a nightmare from which we cannot escape. One must seek respite from the unending deluge of bad news and worse takes whenever possible, and Brian’s very fun and funny feed offers one such source of relief. See below for some recent favs!

On our way out, let’s throw on this real fun short from Brian called Chöd the Frat Art Star, about a super douchey art exhibition!