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By Matt Byrne. Byrne is a freelance writer based in Chicago, IL. He runs The Steamroller, a blog about the alt/not shitty comedy scene.

Hi! How are you? This is another edition of Funny Human of the Week, where I talk about a comedy person whose jokes I like! This week’s human is LA-based comic Brandie Posey! Here’s a clip of her on the always awesome Put Your Hands Together (hosted by former Chicagoan/current force of nature Cameron Esposito) live show/podcast to get things rolling!

Brandie’s the creator of a really intriguing and ridiculous high-concept comedy show called Picture This!, which features live illustrations drawn by professional cartoonists and animators on a big screen while comics do their sets. The animators illustrate the comics material, the comics react to the illustrations, and then the animators riff on those reactions. It’s a pretty cool thing to watch unfold. Let’s watch Brandie’s Picture This! set from the 2013 Bridgetown Comedy Festival.

Super fun, you know? Love that chain of six conjoined pregnant women!

Long time Funny Human heads know this is the part of the column where I show you some Tweets. Brandie’s a great addition to any Twitter feed and I recommend you give her a follow! Roll the tweets!

She’s also the co-host, along with writer/performers Tess Barker and Barbara Gray, of the Maximumfun.org-sanctioned podcast Lady to Lady, which is described as “The View, if The View were really, really funny.” Past guests on this laid back chat show include Aisha Tyler and Brooklyn 99 star Stephanie Beatriz. Lady to Lady also appears live monthly at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles and to close us out for another week, here’s a clip from one of those shows, featuring Retta from Parks and Rec! Gbye!