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Hi friends! It’s time to talk about another up and coming funny person whose goofs and spoofs you’ll fall for immediately. This week’s funny human is the very talented and funny Bowen Yang, a New York-based comedian/writer/performer/podcaster etc etc etc who has appeared on Broad City and hosts the extremely good podcast Las Culturistas with future Funny Human Matt Rogers.

Recently, a video of Bowen lip syncing to Tyra Banks’ legendary “we were all rooting for you” speech from America’s Next Top Model blew up on Twitter, to the delight of everyone, including celebs like Nia Vardalos and Ali Wong. Let’s revisit! It’s a delight.

Here’s a weird clip of Bowen on The Today Show with Hoda and Kathy Lee. He tries and succeeds to make Craig Ferguson laugh!

Facebook is a nightmare, this we can all agree on. Bowen (and his podcast co-host Matt) star in this perfectly relatable encapsulation of just one of the myriad ways that Facebook is terrible and brings out the most bizarre traits in otherwise normal seeming folks.

As has been made clear above, Bowen is great on Twitter. Here are some handpicked favs for you to enjoy before you go follow him!

Here’s another well-made sketch, this one made for Above Average, about the psychically challenging process of answering your parents’ phone calls.

On our way out, let’s take a listen to a recent episode of Las Culturistas, featuring guest (and former Funny Human of the Week) Naomi Ekperigin. It’s a good show, folks!