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Hi folks! Time to meet another wildly talented individual whose work I think you’ll enjoy! This week’s Funny Human is LA-based filmmaker Bobby McCoy, whose innovative new short film Cool Ass Dank Ass Shit is one of the raddest shorts I’ve seen online in forever. It’s an impressionistic, dreamlike treatise on memes, branded content, and the numbing effect that the endless deluge of bad news has on us all! It’s great!

Here’s another recently released short written and directed by Bobby, this one’s called TRASH and the less I tell you about it the better!

The Trap #1 is the first episode of a series made for the long running short film series Channel 101. It’s goofy as hell.

Bobby doesn’t just make short films. He also makes tweets. Here are some examples of some funny posts from our new friend Bobby!

Okay, on our way out, let’s watch the trailer for The Real Deal, another super funny, perceptive, and well-crafted piece of work. Watch the full 20 minute short over at Bobby’s website, you’ll love it, I swear!