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Hi folks, we’re back with another quick introduction to a very good and funny comedy person who you’ll be seeing more of in the near future. This week’s human is Blair Socci, who you may have seen on MTV’s Ladylike or Fuse’s Uproarious, or from being super funny all over the internet, in videos like the one below, a cartoon called Rodney Loves Blair.

Here’s Blair’s goofy surfer character Brad. Brad’s a chill guy!

I mentioned before that Blair was on Ladylike. Let’s watch a clip from the show, featuring Blair and the very funny Nicole Byer making friends at the gym. Things get weird!!

Blair’s a real good person to follow on Twitter if you’re a fan of jokes and good Tweets in general. See below to understand what I mean!

Before we go, let’s watch this really funny video and provocative video that Blair made with future funny human Farah Brook for Funny or Die called Ladies Mass Shooting Association Meeting and it’s set exactly there!