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Hello! Alright. Let’s meet Blair Beeken, a Chicago-based improviser and filmmaker whose idiosyncratic social media presence and prolific video sketch work shows why she’s one of the funniest people in Chicago. Let’s get into it, here’s an episode of Settled, a webseries she made for the Second City Network with her frequent collaborator Asher Perlman. You can see Blair and Asher’s weekly show Comedy Partners Mondays at 10:30 at iO in Chicago, if you live here!

Peekin’ With Beeken, a guide to Chicago’s biggest and flashiest tourist destinations, is one of my favorite things. The way Blair explores her surroundings and haphazardly documents her expereiences lends a charming and distinctly childish tone to the whole series. It’s great! Let’s watch her explore the Lincoln Park Zoo!

TBOX stands for Twelve Bars of Christmas, and it’s an alcohol-fueled hellscape masquerading as a holiday themed bar crawl here in Chicago. I live not far from where they do this thing every year and watching this video almost makes it worth the time I sepped in vomit in front of my building the day after last year’s TBOX. It’s Speakin’ With Beeken.

Blair’s great on Instagram. There aren’t many people about whom that can be said! She maintains the voice from Peekin’ WIth Beeken when posting pictures of abandoned shoes found in an alley or trips to the spa. It’s better experienced than me explaining it to you, I think. Just give her a follow, you know?

Blair recently launched a new Twitter feed, called @blair_wear, where she offers up her thoughts on what to wear based on the current weather in Chicago. Here are some of my favorites:

I could read these all day. Just the best.

Okay, before we go, let’s watch one last video. Here’s a collection of Peekin’ With Beeken outtakes from across the show’s six episodes, which are the most fun. See you next week!