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Here’s another edition of this, the Funny Human of the Week, where I tell you all about a comedy person who I think you’ll like! This week is someone you might recognize already but if not, IT’S TIME TO GET ON BOARD! Billy Eichner is a comedy writer and actor who you might recognize from Parks and Recreation, or from his own webseries turned TV show Billy On The Street. He and his frequent collaborator Julie Klausner co-created and costar in the new Hulu original series Difficult People, the first two episodes of which just premiered.

Okay, we should pull back a little bit, and watch a clip from Billy on the Street, the show that helped make Difficult People happen. The show features Eichner running around the streets of NYC quizzing people on pop culture trivia, and is totally hilarious. Here’s a personal favorite segment!

Let’s get to know Billy a little bit by watching his appearance on Joan Rivers’ chat show, In Bed With Joan. It’s great, they have a nice rapport and it’s a good reminder of how funny and dark and mean Joan Rivers is, too. But we’re not here to talk about her!

Are you one of Billy’s 370,000 Twitter followers? If not, maybe consider being so? It’s very much a good idea! Here are some recent highlights!

Okay, one last thing before you close this window and surreptitiously watch the first two episodes of Difficult People on Hulu at work. I mentioned before that you might recognize Billy from Parks & Rec, where he played the ornery office worker Craig. Let’s take a look back at Craig’s many appearances on the show with the supercut below!