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Happy new year! Wow! 2020! We did it! Let’s keep doing what we’ve done here all these years at Funny Human of the Week, let’s meet a new comedian whose jokes are good and does good content online. This week we’re going to meet Ben Wasserman, a NYC-based comic who’s appeared on MTV and has been featured on websites like Vice and Paste Magazine. He’s got a real fun energy onstage, as you’ll find out when you watch clips like this one:

More audience participation in this one! This one’s about a Halloween song gone wrong.


Youtube is home to all sorts of tutorials, you can learn all kinds of different things, drawing from shared knowledge from all over the world. Ben was kind enough to share his knowledge of karate with us, contributing to the global Youtube community and we thank him for it!


Let’s check out Ben’s Twitter feed, where there are a ton of great posts and goofs to be enjoyed.


Last thing! Let’s check out a fun bit he wrote called Shakespeare’s Unpublished Comedy Skits and it’s about just that!