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After an incredible Bentzen Ball, do you think we’d just sit back and rest? Absolutely NOT. We have another festival to run, specifically Death Becomes Us, a True Crime Festival happening this weekend in D.C.! Here at Funny Human we’re going to spend some time appreciating the work of Last Podcast on the Left’s Ben Kissel, appearing alongside Henry Zebrowski at the Lisner Auditorium on Friday for a special taping of their Side Stories project. Ben’s a multifaceted, super funny person, as we’re about to find out!

First up, the trailer for Hail Yourself America!, a documentary that follows Ben’s candidacy for Brooklyn Borough President in 2017. Did he win? There’s only one way to find out! Watch the whole thing yourself!

Next we’re gonna Throw Back Thursday to 2014 and watch Ben’s pitch-perfect parody of the sort of Alex Jones conspiracy webshow that has since infected the entirety of America with rainworms. It’s Jail Planet with Neb Lessik!

Let’s learn a bit more about our new friend Ben, car of his appearance on the I AM NY profile series. His work as a dog nanny is v admirable and great.

Ben’s on Twitter because we’re all on Twitter. Why not make your feed a better place by incorporating some nice Ben posts into there? Check out some highlights:

As I mentioned before, Ben’s on the wildly popular podcast Last Podcast on the Left. Let’s watch a fan-made supercut of some fun and funny Ben moments from the show!

One last video, one more LPOTL hang, care of our friends over at AV Club. Let’s watch Ben and the gang play Fuck, Marry, Kill!