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Hey, let’s do this again! It’s the Funny Human of the Week column, where I tell you about a comedy person who’s got good jokes and a winning personality, and maybe we learn a thing or two about ourselves along the way. This week we’re gonna meet Baron Vaughn, one of the headliners of the Comedy Exposition of 2015, a standup comedy festival I help run here in Chicago. He’s very funny!

Let’s get to know Baron better during this interview done in his apartment last year! He talks about his influences and draws pictures with the host! It’s only sort of weird.

Speaking of interviews and webshows, here’s a thing with Baron and Brody Stevens, future funny human and legendary purveyor of positive energy. They make a protein shake! Baron talks about his then-upcoming comedy special! I’m into it!

Baron’s got a good Twitter feed! You following him? If not, maybe do so! Here’s some gems:

Here’s a real good clip from the well-loved Los Angeles comedy show the Super Serious Show! This is a classic Baron bit, one of the first things I saw him do and kill with a few years ago!

We started with a clip of Baron on late night, so for the sake of symmetry, let’s go out with one! Here’s his set from a few years ago on Craig Ferguson. Let’s meet back here next week for another one of these. See you!