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Hi! It’s time to meet another comedy person that should be on your radar! This week’s person is Atsuko Okatsuka, a Los Angeles-based standup, writer, and actor whose first hourlong special recently premiered as a part of Hulu’s Comedy InvAsian series that premiered earlier this month. She’s a super funny, engaging performer, as you’ll see in the following clip from a recent appearance on Comedy Central!

Atsuko’s the host of Let’s Go, Atsuko!, a fun Japanese game show style live show in Los Angeles, here’s a remote segment originally screened at a recent installment of the show where she tries to learn karate!

In her spare time, Atsuko doubles as a dance teacher, specifically teaching classes in the highly specific and provocative Jamaican dancehall style. Here’s a bit she does about her experiences in that class, as it relates to cultural appropriation.

Our new friend Atsuko recently took a trip to Japan, where she grew up, and filmed a series of short travelogues about her adventures there. Here’s one where she tours a classic Japanese Love Hotel. Things get weird!

Sure, it’d be best if we all deleted our Twitter accounts and never went on that hell site ever again. But like, that’s not going to happen. We’re all brain damaged permanently and it’s great. While we’re over there, you might as well make the best of it and throw Atsuko a follow. She’s very funny on there!


On our way out, here’s another clip from Let’s Go, Atsuko! In this one, she learns aerial dancing on silks and then surprises her husband with a routine. What a nice, weird treat!