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Hey! Let’s meet another comedy person who’s very good at jokes and also likeable. This week’s human is Ashley Nicole Black, who writes for the reliably great Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and does a great job at it. Here’s a recent appearance Ashley made in front of the camera for Full Frontal!

Here’s a really great sketch starring Ashley called Cute. It’s brutal and super funny.

Ashley explained to Cosmo last fall how exactly she ended up writing for Full Frontal, shedding light on the late night TV hiring process, one that’s usually pretty opaque and weirdly secretive. Read that here, it’s very interesting!

Here’s another great segment from Full Frontal featuring Ashley, where she’s surprised with an introduction to Senator Cory Booker, much to her delight!

Alright, if you’re not following Ashley on Twitter, you need to rectify that ASAP. Here are some examples of why:

One last Ashley-centric Full Frontal segment before we go! Here’s a really great appearance she did last year, where she talked all about Black History Month! This one’s so good too!