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Hello! Here’s another comedy person whose jokes I think you’ll appreciate. This comedy person is Ashley Barnhill, a standup who got her start in Austin, TX before relocating to Los Angeles last year. She’s a delightfully deadpan, with super cutting, dark one liners and incisive commentary on relationships and life as a young woman. Here’s a set from last summer, recorded at The Meltdown comedy show in LA!

Ashley was featured in this video sketch produced by Austin-based sketch duo Beef & Sage, and it’s one of those web videos that remind you that three minute online comedy videos from sketch groups you’ve never heard of before can still be fantastic, you know?

Speaking on online comedy sketches, here’s another one that nearly reaches the manic highs of the Where Do You Want To Eat? we just watched. This one’s all about being thankful for the people and things in your life.

Ashley’s good at Twitter, like good enough to have her tweets featured on Ellen good (That really happened). Give her a follow, if you please!

It’s time to go for another week, but before we say our goodbyes, let’s watch one last video, this one is another solid video sketch with a bunch of people acting stupid, which is always fun, right? See you next time!