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Hi! Here we are again, talkin bout another good comedy person who can bet is gonna be real famous soon. This week’s funny human is Arturo Castro, who you may know as Jaimé on Broad City. Arturo is the star of the recently-announced Comedy Central pilot Alternatino, developed from his popular webseries of the same name! Let’s watch one such Alternatino sketch:

Let’s get to know Arturo history a bit better, care of this short from MTV’s #BeyondTheWall series.

I mentioned Arturo is on Broad City, let’s watch a nice lil clip from the show where he trades pranks with Hannibal Buress’ character Lincoln!

Just like many a funny human before him, Arturo is on Twitter and is a great addition to any feed. Check out some hits below!

Okay folks, before we go, let’s watch one more Alternatino sketch, one called “Respect Your Mother” which is about exactly that, respecting your Mother or facing the consequences! Enjoy!