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Hi! Here’s Arthur Meyer, writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers, better known as The Subway Idiot, the subject of a very fun and silly short film that premiered last year.

Simple concept executed well! Great stuff, right? Well I have great news. The Subway Idiot is BACK and boy this one really elevates things.

Arthur! That was great! Here’s a public service announcement/instructional video featuring our funny human and a delightful song to help us remember all our things before leaving our apartments!

A few years ago, before he wrote for Seth Meyers, Arthur was a writer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here’s a fun tale of a bit of Twitter mischief he got into on Fallon.

SPEAKING OF TWITTER!!!!!!! Here’s a bunch of really great Twitter things from Arthur.

Let’s say goodbye to this funny person with a very nice, bittersweet tune. Here’s a touching reworking of the Friends theme song for us all to enjoy.