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It’s time for another round of Funny Human of the Week, where we talk about an up-and-coming comedy person who I think you’ll enjoy getting to know. This week we’re going to meet Arielle Norman, an Austin-based comic who you may have seen at one of countless comedy festivals that she’s appeared on over the last few years or heard her on the top-tier standup comedy podcast Put Your Hands Together. Here’s a clip of Arielle doing standup!

Here’s a clip where Arielle analyzes the risks and implications of using a tampon she found on the ground.

Arielle hosts a podcast with her fellow Austin comedian, Austin Smartt, called Gender Fluids, which is an intensely candid and intriguing look into all things sex and gender. It’s a super interesting listen!

Not only is Arielle super funny on Twitter, she’s also got one of the best dumb Twitter @s I’ve ever seen: @pooptampon. Lordy lordy. Anyways, here are some good posts of hers!