Hey! Let’s meet a very funny standup because that’s what we do here, meet funny people! This is a NYC-based standup named Anthony DeVito, and he’s very funny. He recently made his network television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Let’s watch that now!

Let’s watch this installment of Comedians in Public, a webseries that challenges comics to perform standup comedy in public, just like the name! It’s wild stuff.

So it’s not like he just does standup on TV and in thrift stores, he also performs in regular places, like The Stand in NYC! Here’s him doing jokes about George Clooney, among other things!

Here’s an exciting opportunity to get to know Anthony better via this interview he did for Riffin With Kristin & Carolyn. They wax his legs while talking shop with him. This seems like an absolute nightmare.

Anthony’s on Twitter, just like most funny humans who came before him. Here are some of his quality posts:

Before we go, let’s watch this fun story Anthony told for the Story League at the Kennedy Center!