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It’s time for you to meet a comedy person whose work I like and who I think you’ll like too! That’s what we do here at Funny Human of the Week, we make new friends who are good at making jokes. This week’s Funny Human is Anna Drezen, a Brooklyn-based writer and comedian whose work you’ve probably enjoyed (whether you knew it was her or not) on Saturday Night Live, Reductress, and Thought Catalog, among a slew of other beloved media properties. Anna was recently named one of Just For Laughs’ 2019 New Faces, which is huge and great for her. Let’s watch a clip of her doing standup comedy to get us going!

The Special Without Brett Davis was a longtime home for some of the best and weirdest comedy people on NYC public access TV. Let’s watch Anna play a coal miner in a fun sketch from the show!

A few years back, Anna co-authored a book called How May We Hate You along with her writing partner Todd Dakotah Briscoe. The book, an adaptation of their blog of the same name, is a collection of stories from their time spent working in the hospitality industry as Hotel Concierges in and around Time Square. Here’s Anna and Todd talking about it on the NYC chat show Running Late with Scott Rogowsky (the HQ guy!).

Anna’s on Twitter, because these days ya gotta be. We all hate it but we’re all on it, it’s ridiculous but what can you do. Here are some posts!

A long one before we go! Here’s an episode of Paul F. Tompkins’ excellent improv podcast Spontaneanation, which features a guest appearance from our new friend Anna!