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Here’s something that’s really exciting: it’s Bentzen Ball week. We’ve got a ton of great shows lined up for you, featuring some of the biggest/brightest/best names in comedy. This week here at Funny Human of the Week we’re going celebrate Bentzen Ball week by getting to know the work of Ann Friedman. Ann is one of the hosts of the massively popular (for good reason) Call Your Girlfriend podcast, which is recording a live episode later this week as a part of the BB festivities! She’s also a journalist, essayist, and designer of comedic pie charts. Let’s take a dive into Ann’s world!

First up, let’s take in a live reading from Ann at the Radar Reading Series in San Francisco!

Next up, a short lil feature about her media career she recorded for PBS News Hour called Brief But Spectacular!

I mentioned earlier that Ann has pioneered a new comedic form: the funny pie chart. Head over to her website to see a selection of these weird, funny gems.

The 19th Amendment Pie

Normally this is where I’d post a roundup of some of our featured Funny Human’s tweets, but as noted below, Ann’s not too keen on the platform:

So we’ll take her cue and instead use this space to hype her newsletter, The Ann Friedman Weekly, which is sort of a roundup of the most notable pop culture, political, and hard-to-classify writing from around the internet. It’s good!

Here’s a fun chat Ann had a few years back with Star Trek actor/internet icon George Takei all about the future of journalism!

On our way out, let’s throw on a recent episode of Call Your Girlfriend so we can all get excited for the live taping!