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Boooooooooo! Happy Halloween!! Did I scare you? No? That’s okay. We’re here to laugh, not be scared. This week we’re going to laugh at the work of Andy Haynes, an NYC-based standup comic who is our very special Funny Human of the Week. You may recognize Andy from numerous television appearances, including Conan and Comedy Central’s Half Hour! Let’s check out a clip of Andy doing stand up courtesy of Comedy Central to get ourselves going:

Let’s learn about more about Andy’s background and his (then) recent divorce thanks to a clip from his appearance on Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird.

More Andy, care of this old clip featuring an extra dash of Brody Stevens. Miss you Brody.

Andy’s out here in 2019 offering up killer one liners on Twitter. Dude’s an asset to anyone’s feed, an island of comedy relief in a social media landscape full of bad takes and dumb screenshots. Let’s look at some jokes!

On our way out, we’re gonna witness Andy’s massive riffing skills via this excellent clip of his appearance on the improvised standup show Set List!