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Hello! Let’s get to know Ana Fabrega, an NYC-based comic who you might recognize from The Chris Gethard Show, Portlandia, and/or The Jim Gaffigan Show as well as many high quality vids from across the net! For example this one, in which she tries to find Fred Armisen in front of a museum!

I mentioned that Ana’s based in New York, so who better to show us around the city’s hottest neighborhood of Williamsburg than her?

Here’s a very very funny clip of our new friend Ana doin a real good character bit at a show in a book store presented by Paste Magazine!

Ana’s great at Twitter, like many Funny Humans before her. Here are some recent favs!

Okay, let’s close this one out the way we started, another head-to-header between Ana and Fred Armisen, this one’s a real goofy one that absolutely earns it’s running time.