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Time for another round of Funny Human of the Week, where we get to know the life and work of a cool, nice funny person who I think you’ll like! You may have heard we’re throwing a Queens of Egypt-themed party at the National Geographic Museum this Friday, so why don’t we go to the excellent podcast/HBO series 2 Dope Queens for inspiration this week? Meet Amy Aniobi, head writer/executive producer for 2 Dope Queens’ first season on HBO and incredibly funny and prolific creator.
Let’s start out by taking a look at one of her early projects that helped her break into the mainstream, the webseries Lisa and Amy Are Black!

Amy was the star of Modern Manners, a series of comedy/advice videos for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls network, let’s check out an episode about phone etiquette.

Next up is the first episode of The Slutty Years, another webseries Amy created and stars in!

Amy’s a fun follow on Twitter. Get her in your feed ASAP! Let’s check out some recent posts.

On our way out, let’s check out this nice lengthy interview that Amy did with The Root’s Monique Judge!