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Welcome back to another edition of Funny Human of the Week. Let’s get acquainted with the work of comedian Amber Ruffin, who writes for and regularly appears on Late Night with Seth Meyers, in segments like this one!

Really cutting, funny stuff, you guys. Here’s Amber’s appearance on Comedy Central’s Drunk History, talking about Rosa Parks! We love Drunk History!

Here’s another segment from Seth Meyers, where Amber’s really excited about a sketch she wrote.

Amber’s a super good and funny presence in anyone’s Twitter feed. You should incorporate her into yours! You’ll get nugs like these:

One of the most iconic recurring segments on Late Night is Jokes Seth Can’t Tell, which regularly features Amber and other writers sharing jokes that he can’t deliver himself. Here’s a good one:

For our last clip, we’ll watch a video that I’ve shared a million times before but I love it so much AND it features a brief appearance from our new friend Amber so we will watch it again! It’s Unique Hospital! See you next week.