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Friends, New York City-based comedian/writer/actor Alyssa Limperis is the latest to be featured in this column, which highlights funny people that I think you’ll enjoy. You may have seen her videos blowing up Twitter over the last few months or seen her perform on the many shows she does around NYC and beyond! Her character-driven improv and sketch videos have gotten her a ton of attention on the net lately, like the below clip, which broke a million views on Twitter!

Alyssa’s often featured in videos for the network Iris, which produces all sorts of web content. Here’s a fun clip that runs thru a bunch of dang characters.

Here’s another relatable, character-packed clip our friend Alyssa did for Iris!

I mentioned earlier that her Mom vid blew up on Twitter. She’s real good on there! Lots of good posts, you know? See below for some real solid examples.

At first I was like oh cool, Alyssa shot a commercial for Airbnb, but then I was like hmm maybe this wasn’t sanctioned by the company. You decide!

Before we go, let’s check in again with Alyssa’s Mom, who’s visiting her in the Big City.