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Funny human time again, you guys. Let’s meet Ally Hord, a writer for Late Night with Seth Meyers whose recent appearance on a longrunning debate segment on the show has been burning up the charts. Ally, along with past Funny Human Amber Ruffin, square off in a battle of words, until things escalate to a place of true insanity.

Before coming on board Late Night, Ally worked with Funny or Die as a writer and producer on over a hundred short films. Including this one, the trailer for a gritty reboot of 90’s cartoon favorite Rugrats!

Here’s another segment from Late Night, which features Ally, Amber, and ANOTHER former funny human, Jenny Hagel, talking about workplace harassment!

Next up is an outrageous clip Ally wrote during her Funny or Die days, starring Rebecca Romijn in an advertisement for a bold new product.

Twitter is bad a lot of the time but sometimes there are nice funny people with good accounts who make the hell site more bearable! Ally is one such person, as you can see from the below excerpts from her extremely fun feed.

Let’s close things out the same way we began: with another Point, Counterpoint viewing sesh. This one takes us back to the Summer of 2017; Ally and Amber discuss the recently-released superhero film Wonder Woman!