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Hello! Let’s get to know a comedian named Ahmed Bharoocha, who is very funny and talented. He’s an LA-based standup comic who you may recognize from Conan or Adam Devine’s House Party. His Conan set is a real treat, let’s watch that together right now:

And then here’s his Adam Devine’s House Party set! This guy knows how to be funny on the television. I hope Adam’s head is okay.

Ahmed’s a member of the sketch group Dead Kevin, who have over 150 video sketches online, which is crazy! Here’s a good one called Locked Out, that was presented by Comedy Central!

Let’s get to know Ahmed more personally by taking in an interview he did for a New England public access chat show called The Steve Katsos Show! What a world this is.

Ahmed’s on Twitter. Are you? If you are, you should follow him, he’s funny! Here are examples of that:

Okay, one more Dead Kevin video before it’s time to go for another week. This one’s called Helium Accident and if that’s not enough to get you excited, we are different kind of people.