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all photos: Jeff Martin

As you probably know by now, the 2013 edition of Capital Fringe kicks off tomorrow. It is seventeen full days of chaos, mayhem, nOOdz, tears AND laughter. If you are smart, you’ll maximize the next two or so weeks to be as weird for you as they can get (our FRINGE preview is here to help). Still, you’re gonna need some sustenance, and good news is: Fringe’s Baldacchino tent will offer a lot of delicious before-after-in-between options. Jeff and I headed over to check out what they have (literally) cooking and the fact that we ended up eating something like five lunches in one sitting is proof positive that we’ll probably be coming back.

Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5699Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5730

The tent is open 5:00pm-2:00am Tuesday-Friday, noon-2:00am Saturday and Sunday, and is closed on Mondays. First things first: the drink situation is pretty strong. There are seven beers (including such local favorites as Flying Dog Snake IPA, and Chocolate City Copper Ale)+ prosecco on tap . The cans are represented with 14oz Stellas, Hop Mountain and Oak Barrel Stout, and while we were there a summer perfect Aperol Spritzer was available for $7 (which is approximately $5 less than what we paid for it anywhere else). And, as we all know, an Aperol Spritzer makes EVERYTHING better.

BONUS: for happy hour those 14oz Stella cans are $4 (happy hour is 5-7pm, fyi)

Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5630Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5529

Food wise, chef Matty has perfected a few of Fringe classics and added some new additions for your maximum casual dining pleasure. The grilled cheese gets a companion in the Granny Smith-with-Cheddar paninini (very melty)….

Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5561Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5564

… the veggie wrap is fortified with a whipped peanut-feta spread (and was, personally, the biggest pleasant surprise of the lot)

Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5572Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5579

and while the spicy pork sliders and everything else involving melted cheese was predictably amazing too, it is our duty to share that the turkey burger is back (apparently, it went off the menu last year and well, that didn’t go too well with the Fringe fans) and now served with a summer-perfect grilled pine-apple on top and a touch of teriyaki flavor.

Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5594Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5607

For straight up noshing there’s italian ices, fruit and hummus and pita platters, and the best thing is: every single menu item is hovering around the 7-8 (or less) dollar range, making these, paired with a happy hour beer, a perfect way to unwind after a long day of work whether or not you’re going to see a play (though you should definitely see some plays)

ADDED ADDED BONUS: you get to see ALL of these awesome bands there too, since Baldacchino hosts some of the more interesting local shows over the course of the next few weeks, FOR FREE to boot.

Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5616Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5625Fringe Festival 2013 Food -DSC_5680