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On August 25th you can run your life a quarter mile at a time at The Fast & The Fierce 5K Sponsored by Aegis Project Controls Presented by Friends of the National Zoo. You won’t just be running for fun and you won’t just be running for family though we all know family is what counts.

Okay we know you have friends AND family so grab them all and sign up to run because you’ll also be raising money to directly support Conservation Nation’s 2018 priorities one of which directly funds the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute’s Global Health Program in working with local partners in Kenya to standardize, improve and provide advanced veterinary care for ill, injured and orphaned rhinos. With so few individuals left in the world, the survival of each is critically important. What do we need you to do???

Heck yeah get that money! Not only will you be saving animals but you’ll also get some special fundraising prizes for yourself, on top of the love in your heart you’ll feel for being a hero of course. Based on your personal fundraising success, you can win a plush rhino, a performance cap, a set of Freaker Feet socks and Freaker koozie, a beach blanket and a private, keeper-led tour at the Zoo!

And we’re all winners here, except for the actual winners. Now let’s get down to the race details. Unfortunately you won’t be running through the zoo but that’s actually a good thing because we have allllll walked up that hill. The race itself is at Freedom Plaza but afterwards you should totally head over to the zoo for Enrichment Day. This is honestly like a game night at the zoo, for the animals, except it’s during the day. Unique forms of stimulation, such as balls, climbing structures and puzzle feeders give the Zoo’s 1,800 animals a safe and creative outlet to demonstrate their natural behaviors. You might not see a bear doing Sudoku but you’ll definitely see them playing games that help keep their minds active and engaged. Seriously how adorable is this.

So to recap. Register to race. Raise money to save animals. Win prizes. Hang out at the zoo all day and watch the animals solve puzzles. DO GOOD IN THE WORLD. It’s just that easy.