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Svetlana Legetic

Brian Eno “Here Come the Warm Jets”

Perfect nostalgia for a summer of the future that never was.

The Clientele “Losing Haringey”

Perfect nostalgia for a summer of the past you never actually lived through.

Brandon Wetherbee

Future Death “Riot Trains”

Perfect Pussy is playing the Pitchfork Music Fest. I received an email about the most recent Perfect Pussy album in March. Included in that email was a press release about Future Death. While I very much enjoy the Perfect Pussy record, I really really enjoy the Future Death record. Hoping these guys are playing Pitchfork next year.

Phil Runco

The-Dream “Wedding Bells”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEQ8FGaH1Ms
The divorce rate is at about 60%. According to Terius Nash, the leading cause is too many people up in your shit. Not cited as a contributing factor: sleeping with your assistant. But that’s OK. We know the deal with The-Dream – equal parts honesty and bullshit. The last time we saw him at a wedding, he was drunk off Patron, crashing the reception, and feeling kinda bad about it, in a “sorry, I’m taking the last slice of pizza” type of way. Three years later, he’s still drunk, but this time it’s Bacardi, and the booze isn’t washing away any sorrows. Those wedding bells are his. And since he’s working on his “hat trick,” Terius is a realist about the institution of marriage: “We ain’t right for each other. Fuck it.” Will these two make it?  Does it even matter?  This is Mr. Have a Wedding Just To Throw a Party.

Morgan Baskin

Angus & Julia Stone (dinnerdate remix) “All of Me”

A song called “All of Me” that isn’t an obnoxiously overplayed ode to a supermodel. This sounds like drizzling rain and bittersweet, 2 a.m. nostalgia.

Trent Burns

Faded Paper Figures “Pointing at the Moon”

When Faded Paper Figures shuffles on, I usually get something along the lines of “wait when did The Postal Service put out new stuff?”. And while I’m a pretty big fan of all things Ben Gibbard (no shame), I like these guys even better. They walk a cool line between indie-rock and indie-electronica, and the male/female vocals keep the bonus points rolling in.

Andy Johnson

Queens of the Stone Age “Feel Good Hit of the Summer”

Cause I finally saw these guys live.

Bryce Rudow

Caddywhompus “This Is Where We Blaze The Nuggz”

Caddywhompus is a band from New Orleans that my friend from New Orleans with great music taste loves. They’re playing a house show in DC on Saturday (if you Google it, you will find it) and he has been sending me their tunes to get me excited. So far, this is one of my favorites. It also may have one the greatest song titles of all time.

Alana Wise

Katy Perry “Birthday”

Because it is mine and that means it’s time to party with strangers and make poor decision.

Rihanna “Cheers”

Venture forth into the weekend and be great– or at the very least, don’t drunkenly yell out the passenger window and (presumed) innocent passersby. Cheers!