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Ross Bonaime

Team Teamwork “Can’t Tell Me Anything”

I’ve been saying for years that the perfect Playstation 2 game Katamari Damacy is just begging to be mashed up. Well now video game remixers Team Teamwork – who have mashed up such games as Earthbound, Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy 7 in the past – have answered my prayers with the Katamari Da-Emcee album. The first track is by far the best, mashing up the insanely catchy Katamari Damacy theme song with My Lord and Savior Yeezus Christ’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing. The result is a jittery, insane combo that is just as addicting as the game that inspired it.

Trent Burns

Dads “Boat Rich”

During these oppressively hot July days, a car without AC is pretty much the worst case scenario. Enter Dads, who help me make the best of said worst case scenario with their oh-so blastable math rock tinged tracks.

Morgan Fecto

Nelly “Hot in Here”

He makes my pants tight. That face band-aid…he’s a rebel.

Kirstie Jeffrey

Pez “Festival Song”

I love summer daaaaaaays.

Peter Heyneman

Graham Parker “Protection”

Old man song about being young played by a band of old looking young men who are now old men and only old men like them now. Still feels good to sneer at people on the Tube though, especially when it’s 10,000 degrees underground.

Andy Johnson

The Band “Don’t Do It”

I recently saw “The Last Waltz” for the first time and immediately kicked myself for ignoring The Band’s discography for so long. Needless to say, such oversight has been remedied.

Bryce Rudow

Reptar “Stuck In My Id”

It’s been a pleasure to see these young Athenians evolve over the past few years, but when it’s summer and it’s hot and it’s Friday and you just want to jumpstart your brain into realizing that you have a temporary reprieve from the monotony of day-to-day 9-to-5 life, there is nothing better than the first song that ever got them real national attention.

Dan Singer

Tally Hall “Good Day”

Rob Cantor, who recently went viral with his uncanny Gwen Stefani and Shakira impressions, revealed this week that he was trolling us the whole time. Here’s his old band, which I’d recommend if you dig They Might Be Giants and wonky piano pop.

Farrah Skeiky

Fucked Up “I Hate Summer”

Typically, predictably basking in the Fucked Up afterglow while avoiding basking in the sun. I do indeed hate summer, but specifically summer in DC. I don’t own enough jorts to live here.

Brandon Wetherbee

Daniel Knox “Evryman For Himself”

I’m lucky enough to be hosting my talk show You, Me, Them, Everybody this Sunday as part of the inaugural The Comedy Exposition. My favorite living songwriter Daniel Knox will be the musical guest. This is my favorite of his dark, mean, delightful songs of tragedy that feature a kazoo.

Alan Zilberman

Escort “Dancer”

Escort is a disco orchestra. Your argument is invalid.