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Marcus Dowling

Legit probably playing these.

David Bowie “I’m Afraid of Americans”

Liam Lynch “United States of Whatever”

Paul Revere and the Raiders “Indian Reservation”


Arrested Development “Revolution”

2 Live Crew “Banned In the USA”

Svetlana Legetic

The Streets Ft. Kano, Donae’o, Lady Sovereign and Tinchy Stryder “Fit But You Know It (Remix)” from Run the Road Vol 1

I don’t even know what is happening here and it is something like 7 years old and I am pretty sure I am not supposed to like it but I do, dammit.

Kings of Convenience “I’d Rather Dance With You”

The polar opposite of that song above. An evergreen piece of lovely.

Brandon Wetherbee

Lydia Loveless “Chris Isaak”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lydia Loveless for a future BYT feature. I am a bigger fan after our conversation. I was turned on to her music by a comic’s comic/guy that has a record store clerk wealth of knowledge/good friend that loves stuff that makes grown men cry James Fritz. Mr. Fritz is not important to this song, but I feel that it’s important to note the people that turn you onto good things. Anyways, this video is from a live appearance on the excellent radio show “Sound Opinions.” The song appears on Loveless’ fantastic new album and it’s a little louder, a little more electric. If it was watered down and sung by someone who loves processing a little more, it’d be a huge hit. I hope it becomes a huge hit despite it’s lack of processing.

Old 97’s “Longer Than You’ve Been Alive”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Loveless because she’s coming to town, opening for the Old 97’s on their summer tour. The Old 97’s have released the best drinking album of 2014. It’s full of celebratory songs about being alive. It may be their best work in a very long, very good career. This is the opening track.

I want a cold beer.

eels “Mistakes Of My Youth”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Oliver Everett, aka E from the eels, because they are also coming to town on a summer tour. This interview will also be a BYT feature and this interview did not go nearly as well as the one I conducted with Loveless. I’ve loved the eels for a long time. LOVED them. Listened to 2001’s Souljacker more than 200x (pre-iPod meant very little shuffling). Covered multiple sad, beautiful simple songs in not good bands. Put their songs on mix CDs for girls I had feelings for because eels music has feelings. The interview was eh. It had to be eh. I wanted the adult man to validate my adult man feelings though my feelings are akin to a pre-teen boys feelings. He was very nice and put up with my hack style of interview, resembling The Chris Farley Show (“I really like “World of Shit.” That’s a good song. How did you do that?”). Anyway, the new album is just as good as any of the band’s other great albums and the first single make me feel a lot.

charlie deets “tumblsquad”

I do enjoy music that isn’t written by contemplative people with guitars. I enjoy bloops and bleeps and dirty words disguised in effects. charlie deets is one of my favorite produces of electronic music that will never be played at clubs. This is his newest song. Enjoi.

Mighty Sparrow “Short Little Shorts”

It’s important to have occasion music. I have occasion music for all recurring events, whether it’s national holidays, religious feasts, births, deaths, etc. The Smithsonian Mighty Sparrow comp is a great soundtrack for all outdoor BBQs. Since it’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s currently very sunny and very comfortable outside, here’s the best song from the comp. It should make you feel very sunny and very comfortable.

Alan Zilberman

Amen Dunes “I Can’t Dig It”

The rest of album is dreamy acoustic folk pop, so this song feels like a rager by comparison.