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Phil Chevalier

Sylvan Esso “Coffee”

I’ve been loving this song and the album from whence it came all week.

Peter Heyneman

I get DJ for the whole office sometimes at my new job and since I’m supposed to keep the energy jacked I usually end up playing Girls and “My Girls” and mash-ups and Major Lazer and Real Estate and Phoenix and other stuff that was hype last decade. So I realized, I’ve finally gotten to that point – where a specific year feels to me like the “present” and nothing that happens subsequently exists, especially not in the realmz of fashion and music. And that year: is 2009. 2009 Forever.


Svetlana Legetic

By the time Tunes post happens tomorrow no one on this list will have not gone to see Chet Faker @ U Hall tonight since there is too many shows happening, which is a shame since it is pretty perfect stuff for high humidity days/nights like today. Very blood pressure lowering, cooler-than-the-other-side-of-your-pillow kind of stuff. It probably instantly defrizzes your hair too as well or something, as an added bonus.
So, to make up for our group shortcomings here, two Chet Faker bookends:

“I’m Into You”:

And his Say Lou Lou duet (triet?) of sorts “Fool Of Me.” Side note: still pretty sure those girls were genetically programmed somewhere. Real people don’t look like this.

Carly Loman

I’ve been listening to three versions of “Nevermind the End” by Tei Shi.

The original:

The Lil Sad remix:

And, my favorite, the Saint Pepsi remix:

(I literally have not stopped listening. The song is haunting my dreams.)

Jenn Tisdale

Because I am perpetually stuck in the 90’s songs like this will always be trapped in my head or within some sort of playlist. As a teen I spent so much PRE-GOOGLE time trying to figure out what in the hell was being said in this song. I STILL DON’T KNOW. What I do know is anytime it’s applicable I will always opt to order a chic-a-cherry cola.

Brandon Wetherbee

The reason the Internet exists returned after a much too long hiatus.


In case you missed the first chapter of this epic journey…