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Svetlana Legetic

  • The Bird and the Bee – “Birthday”
    We are currently listening to 101 Birthday Songs playlist as hand selected by Cale (Happy Birthday Cale!) which has not included this yet:

Brandon Weight

  • “Please Don’t Tell My Father That I Used His 1996 Honda Accord to Destroy The Town of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania In 2002” – Pet Symmetry
    RiYL: American Football, dads, long song titles
  • “Outrun” – Thomas Bangalter
    RiYL: Finding a torrent with 1 GB of one half of Daft Punk’s original tracks on Roulé
  • “Boss A** B**** (Family Friendly Version) by nice job bro0o0o0o0o0o0o0
    RiYL: Squeaky clean songs.
  • Just fucking click itRiYL: You’ll thank me after


Morgan Day

Listening to dismal, dark music like “Backpack” by Andrew Jackson Jihad as there is a bomb threat/suspicious bag across the street from my building and I’ve been quarantined……

  • “Backpack” – Andrew Jackson Jihad
And this because my a/c is broken and this song is totally awesome:
  • “Hot In Herre” – Jenny Owens Young


Clarissa Villondo

  • “Hate Everyone” by Say Anything
    RiYL: being angry at everything and everyone
    (Considering my car’s slowly but surely overheating and breaking down, the number of drunk people who may try to hit my cameras in the rain I’ll be shooting at Sweetlife and I’ll have to find time to see people for Mother’s Day despite all of this, I may be a very angry person this weekend.)
  • “Hey Mami” by Sylvan Esso
    RiYL: bands who had three songs posted online yet still opened at 9:30 Club and sold out DC9.
    I’ve been waiting for the record since I started listening to them in December and saw them at a sold-out DC9 show in January.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIbmU1bce2c


Marcus Downling

Friday Tunes – “Mama” Songs Edition – with commentary
  • “I’ll Always Love My Mama” –  The Intruders
    Produced by Gamble and Huff – classic disco sound (read, not Eurodisco) creators of Philadelphia International Records’ fame – this 1973 release is one of the heaviest and smoothest cuts of that era. It’s also about how much they love their mothers. Can’t imagine what it was like to get funky at David Mancuso’s NYC loft to this one, but it absolutely happened. Gosh, the 70s were awesome.
  • “A Song for Mama” – Boyz II Men
    As a teenager in the mid-90s, I heavily depended upon Boyz II Men to provide the soundtrack to epic makeout sessions. Hell, I’ll admit it. I had a collection of makeout mixtapes called “Slow Hits,” and “Uhh Ahh,” “Please Don’t Go,” “In the Still of the Night” (a killer when paired with the Ink Spots’ version of “My Prayer” from the X Soundtrack), “I’ll Make Love to You” and “On Bended Knee” were all huge parts of those tapes. Of course, when they released Evolution in 1997, I was in college, definitely still making “Slow Hits” collections, and ummm, yeah. When “4 Seasons of Loneliness” was followed by “A Song for Mama” (the soundtrack song from Soul Food), I was pissed. These guys were ICONS in my book, and now they had become the makers of the song my mom wanted me to buy the Evolution album as her Mother’s Day gift, so that she could own it. Yeah. In retrospect it’s beautiful, but for personal reasons, probably my least favorite “mama” song ever.
  • “Ya Mama”The Pharcyde
    Bay Area 90s rappers The Pharcyde wrote a rap song all about playing the dozens. There are SO MANY epic mom put-downs in here, and if a fan of rap who really got into rap in this era, I’m certain you know this song by heart – like, you know, the kind of by heart where I can spot you a few lines and you can recite the rest of the song??? Yeah. And once you get done with listening to “Ya Mama,” I dare you to not get caught in an hour of listening to Pharcyde songs…not that I just did that or anything…lol.


Peter Heyneman

  • “I’ll Be Your Sister” – Motorhead
    Release Date: 24 March 1979
    RiYL: Speed


Morgan Fecto

  • “1979” – The Smashing Pumpkins
    I’ll be that guy.