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Peter Heyneman

Ringo “Rory and the Hurricanes”

Speaking of old people my daughter is 1-year-old yesterday. She’s a kid, and I am a dad. Irony has completely exited my life, replaced by nostalgia, puns, and white hot rage at people driving over the speed limit in my neighborhood. Obviously I have no regrets. I play her the Beatles, and other bad stupid rock and roll. I also play her this new Ringo Starr song. We are Rory and the Hurricanes.

Jamie T “All About That Bass”


There’s a new Jamie T Ep, it’s moody and disciplined and snotty and wordy as anything he’s every done, but fuck that it’s spring y’all. Let’s celebrate! He is rising! Make that bacon! Glory to God in the Lowest, and Bass to His People On Earth.

Brandon Wetherbee

The Due Diligence “Cool”

The Due Diligence is playing D.C. tonight and you should go.

Jenn Tisdale

Beck “E-Pro”

This song makes me want to do things but not just any ol’ thing, things with my LIFE. I’m going to finally get out there and BE SOMEBODY you know really MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Maybe.

The Dandy Warhols “We Used To Be Friends”

I have a lot of enemies and arch nemeses so I like to listen to this song when I’m thinking about vanquishing them, obviously.

Svetlana Legetic

Ween “Stay Forever”

Happy weekend before 4/20 everyone!

Kaylee Dugan

The Felice Brothers “Run Chicken Run”

This song has a dumb title (a delightfully dumb title), but I love it a lot. I like to listen to it when I’m stressed out because it makes me feel better. I hope it makes you feel better too.

Matt Byrne

Posse “Zone”

Posse: for when you’re a sad man and you’ve already listened to every Yo La Tengo and Galaxie 500 record a thousand times apiece.

Bryce Rudow

Pusha T “Numbers on the Boards”

Springtime in D.C. has me cheering like the kids in this Pusha T gem, but how are you feeling? Ya feel alright?