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Svetlana Legetic

Soko + Ariel Pink “Lovetrap”

Weird, funny, seamlessly combining the otherwise-uncombinable-with-anyone-else sensibilities of these two pop snowflakes – you need nothing else in your life (for the time being). BONUS: the video (THE VIDEO!)

Phil Runco

Joanna Gruesome “Honestly Do Yr Worst”

This album is owning me.

Calexico “Cumbia De Donde”

Edge of the Sun is more “Cumbia De Donde” than “Falling From the Sky”, which is great, because scrappy Calexico is the best Calexico.

Matt Byrne

Madlib “Flight To Brazil”

It’s slowly getting warmer out but it will never be as HOT in CHICAGO as this SMOLDERING mix of BRAZILIAN jazz, funk, and psych rock culled from MADLIB’S TWO TON VINYL COLLECTION.

Andrew Bucket

Indians in Moscow “Naughty Miranda”

You’ve never heard anyone be really cute and fun while being so psychotic. You wanna hear crazy? Here ya go!

Peter Heyneman

Local Wizards “Franzia”

Most of the time when a funny person you follow on twitter tweets about their band it is actually pretty good but not mind-blowing. Funny people have good taste but not necessarily musical chops. Local Wizards are definitely an exception to that rule. The one man show of weird twitter internet celebrity [REDACTED], the lo-fi tunes are legitimately really interesting and catchy and the videos are gold. Politely check them out for a nice surprise.

Mary Beth McAndrews

Lykke Li “Dance Dance Dance”

Thanks to an episode of House of Cards and warm weather.