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Kaylee Dugan

Rhythm of Devotion “Sisyphus”

When I had dinner with Serengeti he told me this song is about Son Lux’s dog. I really hope that’s true.

Peter Heyneman

KAYTRANADA “Drive Me Crazy” ft Vic Mensa

You don’t like Drake? You don’t like the Weeknd? You don’t like riding in a car at night in a strange city with a cute stranger? A pill slips between your lips. Fingers in your hair. The lights at the top of the tallest buildings streak the windshield. You are driving the car. You can’t relate to that?

Brandon Wetherbee

Leonard Nimoy “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”

He fought with the goblins.

Alan Zilberman

Solids “Off White”

I discovered this Montreal band because they’re playing a show with my buddies at DC9 in March. If you’re into No Age or Japandroids, this heavily distorted melodic punk will scratch the same itch.

Alcoholic Faith Mission “Down from Here”

Perfect sad bastard music, except with unusual, gorgeous harmonies.

Morgan Fecto

Colleen Green “TV”

Never were truer words spoken.